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Jun 30, 2017

Lance Armstrong shares his perspective on the 2017 Tour de France co-hosted by longtime Austin radio personality JB Hager. Stages airs about an hour after each stage finish, from July 1-23 at The first episode is the preview show.

over five years ago

Loved the podcasts, informative and unbiased opinions. Look forward to listening to them in 2018

Stoke on Trent

Ralph foreman
over five years ago

Alright Lance,totaly agree about kav and sagan,kav went for a line that simply wasent there,but not the first time,but im scottish lol,
By the way lance your one of the greatest tour me anyway as drugs was part of the scene back then.
More respect for lance as he admitted it,

over five years ago

Hey Lance,

Thought you should listen to this episode of Malcolm Gladwell's podcast based on what you said regarding your generation and skin-suits in Road Races.

Check it out, it's really interesting!

John Wolf
over five years ago

Thank you Lance for bringing this podcast out in a informative, real, historic, a pro-view of the largest event in the world.

It's all good.

john madrid
over five years ago

great content champ, very great content

J D McGilvray
over five years ago

Vive le boucle!

Tim Baker
over five years ago

Lance - nice to meet with you and Dylan Casey after the Carson City event. I appreciate you taking some time to reflect on the race and about our mutual cancer experiences. I look forward to listening to Stages - my mom is a big fan and just moved into an Assisted Living facility and watching the tour and listening to your podcasts are activities that will make the transition much more tolerable.

Any possibility of you doing the Breck Epic this year? You certainly have the fitness.

Sean wheeler
over five years ago

Looking forward to this year's race

Marcel Slagman
over five years ago

Hi guys,
Did I understand it right that Lance gave a very good Dutch rider (...) some advice during the Giro?


Adrien Duvillard
over five years ago

Awesome ! Thank ou for these podcasts.

Greetings from Switterland,


Greg Williams
over five years ago

Great show! Can't wait to hear what LA says about the stages. Was surprised to hear about the TdF hotel situation!

Christiaan Wever
over five years ago

Nobody can do this better than you Lance. Best cyclist ever with mountains of knowledgr about the Tour. Thanks for this! Going to listen every day!

Bil Danielson
over five years ago

Wild analogy: Winning a bike race you need to figure out .. running a marathon, playing a game of chess, driving in NASCAR, and running for POTUS. Love it.

over five years ago

Thanks for giving this to the fans, Mellow Johnny! Move over Le Mond. Le Tour by Lance ,all tour long! JB's great too!

You're still king of the Maillot Jeune!

Aurora, ON