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Oct 9, 2017

If you’re at all familiar with MLB star outfielder Eric Byrnes, whether it’s from his 11-year pro career or his analyst role for MLB Tonight, you know the word “animated” merely scratches the surface when describing this balls-to-the-wall (literally) personality. 

True to form, Byrnes is refreshingly real, rowdy, hilarious, insightful and inspiring during a revealing conversation between two “kindred spirits” that touches on everything from the NFL debate over the national anthem to who will win the World Series. Byrnes, who retired from pro ball in 2010, also talks about taking on various endurance challenges, from the Ironman to the infamous 100-mile Western States Endurance Run. 

almost six years ago

Need to get Cassimus and Byrnes together. After listening to podcast (so much energy) I thought these two would set off a nuclear explosion. Great Podcasts!

Mark Pyle
almost six years ago

I am a 48 yr old cyclist that started cycling after your first world championship. I am the Deputy Commissioner for Public Health in Kentucky. In my travels, I love to listen to the Forward pods. Thank you and keep moving forward. You make a difference.