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Nov 20, 2017

Joe Nick Patoski is an author and journalist who has covered Texas and Texas music for 40 years. Joe Nick and Lance spent an hour talking about writing books with and about Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Selena and the Dallas Cowboys. 

Greg Smith
almost six years ago

Survivor of The Week


Just started listening to The Forward for the first time today. Your guest was Nick Potowski - interesting show. Very cool history lesson.

You opened up the show with the tribute to survivors, here is a couple you ought to consider as candidates for your Survivor of the Week tribute on The Forward - Amy and Scott Christmas. Truely survivors in every sense of the word.

Amy battled with cancer for a long fight and past away on the 24th of September this year. Amy was a a wife, mother, best friend, runner and Texan.

Scott her husband, is a two time survivor of plane crashes. Having his aorta ripped from his heart and loosing his other best friend (next to his wife Amy)in one of of these wrecks.

After one of these ordeals, Scott started living by the creed “It’s a great day to be alive”. Contact him, phenomenal story of survival both physical and mental. Inspiring. Here are a few links that tell Amy and Scott’s story:

Finally, I reached out to Scott via text message tonight to get his permission to pass on his story. Here is the return I received:

“Thanks Devil Dog
Funny thing about Lance in a way he saved my life
We came back together in parallel dimensions
I remember laying in the hospital watching him in the Atlanta olympics
Then the cancer announcement then we both began our comebacks
I cherish those times
They were hard yet magical
I will forever be his fan

Now I’m in another comeback and honestly this one has my #
It’s hard
Very very hard
I’m crushed beyond words
Still can’t believe she’s gone

I miss her
But I’ll live out my days taking care of these kids until she lets me come home to her

Love you my brother”

Scott will be in Houston on Jan 14th to run the Marathon in his wife’s honor with the Young Texans Aginst Cancer.

You can contact Scott at:

Great story.