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Aug 1, 2016

T.J. Juskiewicz is the Director of one the largest annual bike rides in the world: RAGBBRAI. RAGBRAI, is the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, and is an annual event that travels west to east across the state of Iowa. The event has morphed into a cultural phenomenon that attracts riders from all across the world with it’s laid back vibe and party-like atmosphere. Lance and T.J. caught up at the race and shared some great stories from the past.

Brent Laning
over six years ago

Sandals ROCK! Cool feet. Able to walk to the showers after a RAGBRAI ride. No need to change shoes. I'm a former Iowan now living in Ohio, but have been wearing cycling sandals since 1998. Finally wore out the first pair in 2013. The year an Iowa buddy and I did the MS 150 in Colorado we were the only people on the whole ride with sandals.