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Oct 30, 2017

Roy Spence is a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame and a founding partner of GSD&M. Roy dropped into The Forward studio to talk about getting the Southwest Airlines business which lead to a relationship with Sam Walton and Walmart. Spence also talked about the future of advertising and the ability to change.  They finished up their discussion talking about Roy’s desire to continue to walk across the country and The Promised Land Project. 

almost six years ago

Great interview as usual.
Where can I learn more about The Promise Land Project?

almost six years ago

Thank you for this interview. It was the perfect message to hear while getting ready for another frustrating day at work. Instead, I came in inspired with a fresh perspective on what I'm doing and how I can make it meaningful. It also got me thinking that I would like to be part of the Promised Land Project.

almost six years ago

One more hour, please

almost six years ago

fight lance !
may be you can take a VDO for download or youtube .

almost six years ago

Great guest! I am listening right now, and anxiously await some amazing stories that inspire and motivate. I am counting on you, Lance, to drag them out of the deepest gray matter of his memory cells!