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Jul 24, 2017

Ryan Holiday is a best selling author who has written: "Trust Me I'm Lying", "Ego is the Enemy" and his latest "Perennial Seller." Lance caught up with Ryan in Austin to talk: marketing a book, stoicism, speaking to sports teams, the Gawker fallout and their shared passion for Iron Maiden.

five and a half years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and am going to read several of the books discussed during their conversation. I think the philosophies the books are based on are extremely benecial in areas of work and life well beyond the areas they discussed. I look forward to reading more about the ideas and strategies and trying them in real life situations!

almost six years ago

I'm a huge Rush fan like you, but had never owned a single Iron Maiden song. Because of your Stages podcast I bought some on i-tunes for my bike rides. WOW, my legs were possessed. I flew, there was 'no chain'...Thanks!