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Mar 21, 2018

Tim Kennedy is a Special Forces sniper, Green Beret and former MMA fighter. Tim and Lance did a workout at the Onnit Academy and then taped an episode in The Forward studio. They talked about gun control, school shootings and Tim's role as a sniper as he sets off for his 13th deployment.

almost six years ago

Great conversation—Tim is a certifiable wildman! It’s interesting that many people (generally) feel the need to try to have opinions on topics that there is really no way they could have an opinion on (such as life during war), but finding common ground to help out a vet is very important. People often like to try to simplify others in their mind (e.g., Lance is a good OR bad guy, or Kennedy is an Alex Jones supporter (spoiler: not exactly true)), but in real life we are all just human doing our part to try to make the world a better place. Thank you for your service Tim and hang in there!!! Our community and country are worth fighting for, and you are an important part of that!!! Cheers!

Ps. Lance, all of my French friends (to this day) used to make fun of me for believing that anyone in the tour was 100% clean (in my defense, I did not know the full history of the Tour), but they never made fun of me for supporting you. The funny thing is that my French friends still have happy memories of you an Jan battling it out. For what it’s worth, in my book you are still an alright guy. :)